“the best open source APIs for smart card processing”

A Comprehensive Solution

Eclipse Keypop® offers a flexible set of APIs to handle generic smart card reader operations, while also integrating dedicated APIs tailored for specific card technologies like the Calypso® standard.

This comprehensive API suite empowers developers to build smart card-enabled systems that can seamlessly integrate a wide range of card readers and card technologies.

Versatile API Support

The solution provides Java and C++ APIs that closely adhere to the UML-based smart card terminal interface models defined by the Calypso Networks Association, ensuring seamless compatibility and interoperability.

This facilitates the standardization of modular and interoperable software solutions, providing high-level access to card readers and card transactions.

Eclipse Keyple®

The Eclipse Keyple® open source project serves as the native implementation of the Keypop APIs, providing libraries conforming to the Reader and Calypso layers.