Keypop Card API


The Card API is the communication interface between the Reader Layer and the Card Layer (e.g. Calypso Card API).

The documentation for the specification produced by the Calypso Networks Association, on which this API is based, is available here.


Card API - class diagram

Limitations & constraints

The Card API doesn’t allow to request the transmission to a card of the APDU commands “Select Application by DF Name” or “Get Response”:

  • the selection of a specific card application could be managed only through a Card Selection Request.
  • the APDU response status words 61XYh & 6CXYh are automatically handled by the reader layer library by issuing a Get Response or by re-issuing the previous command with the expected ‘Le’ field.

Implementations & API Documentation

The third version number (x.y.z) only concerns updates of the javadoc because this component does not contain any implementation, but only an API.

Java implementation

All deliverables are available directly from the Maven Central Repository or by using one of the project resource managers below:

implementation 'org.eclipse.keypop:keypop-card-java-api:2.0.1'

C++ implementation